Traction Winch up to 100t CT Line Pull

Traction winches are generally used to install steel wire ropes with sufficient back tension on Crane, A&R or Towing winches.
Generally wire ropes should be installed with sufficient back-tension to avoid cutting into lower layers when spooling with a multi-layer winch,
any distortion will lead to reduced life-span of the wire rope. It should be stated that wire ropes must be installed and handled with care.

Our traction winch, as defined, is the primary component, consisting of two drums mounted together in one winch frame.
The traction winch principle is based on friction build-up between the drums and the wire rope, powered by hydraulic motors,
able to generate 100t back-tension for superior reliability in harsh environments.

Although steel wires are a consumable, they should be installed and brought into service with special care.
Unfortunately, we see too often that steel wires are incorrectly handled or abused when operational,
the life-span of the steel wire rope is then reduced substantially.

The end-user cannot assess or analyze whether this early deterioration has been caused by either the application, wire rope or person who installed the wire rope.
It should be stated that a steel wire rope is a complex piece of engineering and must therefore be handled with special attention and care.
little is needed to demolish such any steel wire rope. Please don’t hesitate when any questions, feel free to ask for any technical advice.

Steel Wire Ropes, not just consumables

Every steel wire rope is subjected to corrosion, wear, abrasion, (mechanical) deformations and fatigue.
Therefore, any wire rope will fail one day if not discarded in time.
Steel wire ropes should be inspected according ISO 4309:2017 and can only be judged visually for
20% for what can be obtained on the outside of the wire rope,
the other 80% what is inside the wire rope cannot be inspected or observed other than by a MRT inspection.

Steel wire rope flaw detector INTRON enables simultaneously accurate measurement of loss of metallic
area (LMA) and detection of outer and inner localized flaws (LF), such as broken wires, strands, pitting corrosion.
INTROS inspects the rope at speeds up to 2 m/s and can be used during rope production or operation.

Operation of the instrument is based on magnetic flux leakage (MFL) principle, the instrument uses strong permanent
magnets to magnetically saturate the rope under inspection.
Only in case of magnetic saturation, it is possible to obtain high accuracy.

In need of a MRT inspection or maintenance plan for your steel wire ropes?
Please feel free to contact us.

Investing in the future, New Pallet Wrapper

Investments have to be made to reduce impact on the environment and our employees.
We minimize the amount of plastic used by stretching the material, creating more support whilst also eliminating spills.
Physical stress on the body during sealing is now also a thing of the past, creating a more healthy place to work for our employees.
The amount of time saved with this machine is also highly benificial, making it a good investment for a sustainable future.

new pallet wrapper

Euro Rope becomes exclusive Euroload Distributor

Euro Rope Netherlands B.V. – The exclusive Euroload Limited distributor

We are proud to announce that Euro Rope Netherlands B.V. is now the exclusive
Euroload Limited distributor for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Both Euro Rope and Euroload see this as a big step forwards in their own long term strategies.
Euroload breaks into new markets with an active partner who can handle all needed aspects and
delivers whole-sale solutions where their products can integrate seamlessly.
Euro Rope is now able to offer a high quality product line to their clients,
which fills a long vacant position in their sales department.

Both companies have decades of experience and knowledge in the industry,
and will only strengthen each other’s position in the marketplace.
Euro Rope uses its operational knowledge and customer feedback to help
and further improve products. Euroload is at the forefront of innovation and
has the engineering abilities in house to develop the custom solutions desired.

Especially in the field of Heavy Lifting is where these two companies are at their strongest,
Euro Rope is known for their expertise on Heavy Lifting Equipment,
steel wire ropes and other crane components for Heavy Lifting vessels.
EuroLoad designs and produces large capacity Load instuments, for the harshest of environments.
Currently their biggest cell to date is a staggering 2000t Sling Saver Shackle Pin,
but as demands for higher capacity’s keep rising their products will follow accordingly.
Their bespoke loadpins can also monitor the load on sheaves, as well as measure distance and speed.
Their ability to integrate these solutions into existing PLC systems of Heavy Lift Vessels is a great advantage,
and makes Euroload a total solutions provider.

This covers the aspects of Expertise, Experience and Exceptional Euro Rope was looking for.

The official Euroload Limited website can be found here.

About Euro Rope Netherlands B.V.

Euro Rope started in the year 1995, back then under the name of “Technische Handels Onderneming Vroegop”.
As the company grew and started to secure work outside of the Netherlands, a more international sounding name was chosen “Euro Rope”.

A company that is driven by passion and craftsmanship, therefore our people are the most important assets we have.
We invest in our staff to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to conduct their roles
to the best of their ability and manner that is consistent with our philosophy and culture.

These days Euro Rope Netherlands B.V. is active all over the world, providing services in the Marine On & Offshore industry.
As we keep developing ways to do our job with more precision, efficiency and above all safety,
we know Euro Rope is here to stay as one of the industry leaders.