Safety is a group effort, one we all participate in and commit to here at Euro Rope.
To start our people are provided with all the training, PPE, and proper tools they require to conduct their work in a safe manner.
Also they participate in daily safety meetings and instructions before they start, and when needed during work.
We also ask our clients to participate in the process when working on their site, yard or vessel.
By working together we can achieve more safety for everyone involved.


We care for our people, they are our most important assets. Ensuring health does not stop with providing safety while working.
We also ensure they get enough rest to have the energy to go to work, we insist on healthy and nutritious food while away from home.
We discourage unhealthy behaviour, because a healthy person is a happy one.


Here at Euro Rope we care for the environment and as a supplier we have a responsibility towards it.
That doesn’t stop at our offices, warehouses, workshops and yards, but also extends to our clients.
We advise environmental friendly products and solutions where possible to our customers.
Quite often this is beneficial for the client budget wise and the environment at the same time.


Serving our clients with the highest possible quality standards is what we strive to achieve every day.
This mentality runs through the company from our offices to our people working in the field.


VCA*  Certified by NCI


We work hard to improve our SHEQ, and that doesnt stop with a yearly audit.
Whenever needed we discuss subjects to make improvements to our policy, big or small.

Download our Policy Statement ( Dutch)