Traction Winch up to 100t CT Line Pull

Traction Winch

Traction winches are generally used to install steel wire ropes with sufficient back tension on Crane, A&R or Towing winches.
Generally wire ropes should be installed with sufficient back-tension to avoid cutting into lower layers when spooling with a multi-layer winch,
any distortion will lead to reduced life-span of the wire rope. It should be stated that wire ropes must be installed and handled with care.

Our traction winch, as defined, is the primary component, consisting of two drums mounted together in one winch frame.
The traction winch principle is based on friction build-up between the drums and the wire rope, powered by hydraulic motors,
able to generate 100t back-tension for superior reliability in harsh environments.

Although steel wires are a consumable, they should be installed and brought into service with special care.
Unfortunately, we see too often that steel wires are incorrectly handled or abused when operational,
the life-span of the steel wire rope is then reduced substantially.

The end-user cannot assess or analyze whether this early deterioration has been caused by either the application, wire rope or person who installed the wire rope.
It should be stated that a steel wire rope is a complex piece of engineering and must therefore be handled with special attention and care.
little is needed to demolish such any steel wire rope. Please don’t hesitate when any questions, feel free to ask for any technical advice.