Load Testing Services

We provide multipe Load Testing Services all around the world 24/7.

Load testing cranes

To ensure safety and the correct functioning of all systems we perform load tests by using water weights, solid test weights and pontoons.
Required by many safety regulations, standards and manufacturers to ensure the crane and all of its components are capable of safely lifting the load.
Load testing of cranes is vital prior to initial use, all new, extensively repaired and altered cranes.
This also often combined with the inspection and re-certification of other lifting equipment.
We have all the equipment needed for load testing, including water pumps.

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Load testing for gangways.

We have dedicated waterbags for Load testing of gangways, by filling them up with water on a distance our service engineers can stay on a safe distance during a overload test.
Waterbags are also easy to install compared to solid test weights, eliminating many risks in the process.

Pad Eye Testing

By many standards Pad Eye Testing is required onboard vessels.
We have many years of experience in load testing, with the capacity of testing up to 60t.
With multiple Pad Eye testers in our service fleet, we can take on any challenge.

Test Bed Services

Our experienced and EKH-certified* testing inspectors carry out a multitude of load testing services.
These tests are run on our NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut – the Dutch Measurement Institute) calabrated test bed.
Tests are performed by the requirements of the customer, the industry standard they desire or need to comply.
All tests can be witnessed by a third-party classification authority.

Services we provide at our facility;

  • Proof Load
  • Destructive Testing
  • Calibration
⊗ EKH (Erkende Keurbedrijven Hijs- en Hefmiddelen) Dutch association of accredited companies for testing hoisting and lifting equipment industry.