Inspection and Certification

Euro Rope Netherlands B.V. has several inspectors who can carry out thorough inspections of hoisting and lifting equipment.
We have a modern NMI approved test bed to run non-destructive or destructive tests on our location.
We also have all the required tools to inspect equipment at your site, this way equipment is only out of service for as little time as possible.

24/7 Acces

We can also provide you with a login for our Online Certificate System so you can access your certificates anytime and anywhere. It also shows you which of your equipment should be inspected again. Of course we will keep an eye on the validity of your equipment as well.

Magnetic Reflux Testing

Euro Rope was an early adopter of Magnetic Reflux Testing for crane wire ropes and has gathered a wealth of experience doing so.
We own several MRT kits ready to be deployed.

Witness for third parties

We can also provide a third party witness for inspections and statements when needed on request.