Wirelock 500cc

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Wirelock 500cc socket compound – description

  • 100% termination efficiency
  • Temperature operating range is -54°C to +116°C
  • Ideal for on-site applications
  • No hazardous molten metal
  • Improved fatigue life
  • Pouring temperature without booster pack is 6.67°C to 43.3°C
  • One booster pack if pouring temperature is 1.67°C to 8.89°C
  • Two booster packs if pouring temperature is -2.78°C to +1.67°C
  • Refer to Crosby® Wire Rope End Terminations Manual for more information.
The WIRELOCK 500CC is ideal for on-site use by online casino players. Plus WIRELOCK 500CC with improved fatigue life and no dangerous molten metal, find out where all Poli Pay casinos in one place. In addition, one booster pack at fill temperatures from 1.67°C to 8.89°C makes the WIRELOCK 500CC one of the best on the market for online casino players.

Wirelock® User Instructions

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