Power Sling Shackle 125 Ton

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A surge in safety

The Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle 125 ton offers a surge in safety thanks to increased safety margins.
Each shackle has been individually proofload tested to twice the Working Load Limit; more than any other competing product.
Material characteristics have been thoroughly examined, both internally and in the shackle’s surface, by MPI-tests, ultrasonic inspection and X-ray tests.

The Power Sling®‘s long-term performance has been scrutinized with tensile- and fatigue testing, subjecting it to more than 40.000 cycles.
There are virtually no limits to the testing regime the Power Sling® has been put through. Even the ductility of the steel has been checked at
temperatures as low as minus 40 °Celsius degree (-40 °F). The Power Sling® is compliant with major certifications.
Of course, it is reliably made in Europe and accompanied by a EUR1-certificate.

Easy does it

The Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle, heavy lifting has never been easier.
It offers riggers great handling thanks to the lower body weight and multiple handling points.
Handling points attached to body and pin let you assemble sling and load with much less effort.
The consistent mouthwidth between batches of Power Sling® shackles guarantees that dimensions in the technical documentation are truly accurate.
Tracking and identification of the shackle are easy thanks to markings on both sides of the shackle body (not on the bearing surface) and an RFID-chip in the pin and shackle. To top it all off; the optional bayonet nut further improves the ease of assembly and prevents objects from getting caught in the nut.

Power sling shackle 125 ton

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