S-280 Sling Saver Web Connector


• All Alloy construction.
• Durable vinyl cover that:
• Protects sling at eye
• Keeps sling positioned correctly on spool.
• Design Factor of 5 to 1.
• Connects Synthetic Web and Synthetic Round Slings to conventional Crosby
hardware including:
• 320N Eye Hook
• Additional Crosby Grade 8 Fittings
• Master Links
• Rings
• Shackles
• Makes a field assembled bridle quick and easy.
• No retaining pin to snag sling material.
• Increased radius of spool gives wider sling bearing surface resulting in an increased
area for load distribution, thus:
• Increasing Synthetic Sling efficiency as compared to standard anchor and chain
shackle bows and conventional eye hooks. This allows 100% of the slings rated
Working Load Limit to be achieved.
• Allowing better load distribution on internal fibers.
• Replacement kit for spool and web cover available.
• Designed for use with Type III (Eye & Eye), Class 7, 2 ply webbing & Synthetic
Round Slings. Also accommodates single ply and endless slings.

Details S-280 Sling Saver Web Connector

Round Sling Size (No.)Web Slings*WLL (t) †S-280 Stock No.Weight (kg)Dimensions (mm)
Webbing Width (mm)Eye Width (mm)PlyABCDEFGHIJ
1 & 2505022.9510216810.6819.115.741.462.016.015.768.514.230.251.5
5 & 61507527.7010217092.3125.425.462.589.025.422.493.522.447.872.0

* Designed for use with Type III, (Eye & Eye), Class 7, 2 Ply web slings. For 3” and larger webbing width, tapered eye is required. † Maximum Proof Load is 2 times the Working Load Limit. Minimum Ultimate strength is 5 times the Working Load Limit.

S-280 Sling Saver Web Connector

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