Coil Lifting Sling

A new development especially for lifting steel coils is a Round Sling made with Dyneema®.
The Coil Lifting Sling is especially designed to handle heavy and sharp steel coils in the steel industry and on- offloading of ships with steel coils.
The Dyneema® fibres used have a high cut and abrasion resistance, which is a must for lifting coils.
Because of the manageability of the sling (very light own weight) it causes less damage to the load.

Stevedoring companies, transportation and steel companies are already familiar with the considerable
cost saving and efficiency improving innovative EXTREEMA® Coil Lifting Sling.

Product information

Lifting capacity: from W.L.L. 10T up to W.L.L. 40T per coil in a U-lift.
Length: from 1 meter up to 60 meters working length.

  • 100% Dyneema (HMPE)
  • Extremely low weight ( 8 to 10 times lighter than steel)
  • Extremely Flexible and soft, easy to handle
  • Extremely small diameter
  • Extremely low elongation (les 1% at WLL)
  • Extremely high cut resistance
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Extremely good puncture resistance
  • Extremely high resistance to UV exposure
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Does not absorb water
  • Less hand and Back injuries, increased efficiency
  • Cost saving, long service life
  • Repearable Sling (contact for more details)
  • No scrap, no damage to coil
  • Proofload of sling on demand (DNV, Lloyds Register, etc.)

Always inform your supplier exactly about the packing conditions and protections on the product.
In case of any doubt contact us for more detailed advise and instructions for use of the proper type of sling & extra protections!

Extra protections and sleeves can be added on demand.
Slings and protections are availible in several configurations, contact us for more details about a suitable solution.

Always read the user’s instructions before use of a Coil Lifting Sling!
For technical product information and files please contact our sales department.


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