Biogen wireshield

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is a high performance, Ecolabel certified, biodegradable, VGP compliant wire rope lubricant featuring advanced pseudoplastic rheology.
BIOGEN WIRESHIELD demonstrates industry leading corrosion protection, protecting ropes from their primary failure mode.
BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is a dark grey gel, however, it is designed to immediately transform into a fluid consistency under shear to aid penetration into the core of the rope.
BIOGEN WIRESHIELD then returns back to a grease consistency. This transformation ensures that the lubricant resists dripping and fling.
BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has been developed to outperform mineral oil lubricants with no compromise on the environment, operator safety or cable protection.

Features and benefits

VGP compliant & Ecolabel certified ensuring
biodegradability, minimal eco-toxicity and low
bioaccumulation potential.
 Industry leading corrosion protection.
 No sheen formula.
 Pseudoplastic rheology increases penetration of the lubricant. This is enhanced by the use of a high pressure applicator.
 Has a wide temperature range -50°C to +180°C, ensuring resistance to high temperature applications such as heave compensation and also viability for extreme cold weather use.
 The thin, non-tacky film of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD prevents build-up of dust and dirt and is highly resistant to water wash-off including cooling operations ensuring long term protection.
 BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has excellent lubricating properties which reduces wear on wires and strands, ultimately maximising service life.
 Is highly stable in the presence of salt water, ensuring protection when exposed to sea water for extended periods of time.

Typical applications

 BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is optimised for high performance use under arduous conditions whilst minimising environmental impact.
 Ideal for use when VGP regulations must be met. See for further information.
 Ideal for lubrication of all types of wire ropes. It is also ideal for equipment such as winches, hoists, drag lines, large chains, open gears, tethers, and armoured ROV umbilicals.
 It can be applied using a brush, swab or automatic lubricator.
 Approved for use with the Masto High Pressure Wire Rope Lubricator, Viper and Corelube wire rope lubricant applicators.
 Approximate rope coverage, based on a 25mm diameter rope, is 50 meters per kg.

art. 20064     18kg
art. 20069   160kg


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