Biogen Tuflube


BIOGEN TUFLUBE is an extreme heavy duty grease, designed to protect heavily loaded, slow moving mechanisms in the wettest and most corrosive conditions.

For use on the toughest applications, in the toughest conditions, by the toughest engineers. Saves you time, money and extends the life of your critical assets. It is the ideal lubricant to protect jacking and open gear systems in marine, offshore and freshwater environments, where the protection of critical assets is of utmost importance.

  • EXTREME Pressure: Unique additive package protects against metal wear by preventing detrimental metal to metal contact. BIOGEN TUFLUBE also resists mechanical squeezing and provides a self-healing film ensuring longer lasting protection.
  • EXTREME Corrosion Protection: Physical and chemical protection against pitting and corrosion. A high performance hydrophobic barrier repels water from metal surfaces whilst being reinforced by proprietary anti-corrosion additives which provide market leading corrosion protection.
  • EXTREME Adhesion: Blend of Hi-Tac boosters ensures staying power, can even be applied when submerged. This high level of adhesion provides exceptional water-wash off resistance, therefore preventing product loss whilst submerged, particularly in water currents.
  • EXTREME Temperatures: Ideal for use in the hottest and coldest global climates.
  • EXTREME Versatility: Apply by hand or automatic pumping equipment.
  • HOCNF Classification ‘E’: The highest classification level of the HOCNF system, therefore permitting use in the North Sea.
  • VGP Compliant: Biodegradable, minimally toxic and non-bioaccumulative. Can be used in the waters of the United States of America.
  • Completely Free from Bitumen and Solvents

Applications include:

Jacking Systems, Open Gears, Rollers, Slew Rings, Cantilevers, Pins, Booms, Winches, Joints, Couplings, Penstocks, Sluice Gates, Winding Gears and most other high load, slow speed mechanisms.

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