Biogen Marine rope dressing

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ROCOL® BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing

BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing is an environmentally considerate wire rope lubricant designed specifically for the following industries:
 Shipping
 Ports & Docks
 Dredging
 Deep Sea Fishing

VGP compliant and ECO label certified, provides corrosion protection which is better than the leading competitors,
therefore protecting wire ropes from their primary failure mode.
BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing is an off-white gel and utilises new technologies,
allowing companies in marine industries to minimise their environmental impact and to sustain the environment.

Features and benefits

 VGP compliant & Ecolabel certified ensuring biodegradability, minimal eco-toxicity and low bioaccumulation potential.
 Corrosion protection—better than all leading competitors.
 For ultimate performance, corrosion protection and subsea lifting applications please see ROCOL BIOGEN WIRESHIELD®.
 No sheen formula.
 Exhibits good penetration, this is enhanced by the use of a high pressure applicator.
 Designed to prevent fling-off when used with high speed STS cranes.
 Temperature range: -30°C to +100°C.
 Leaves a thin, non-tacky film preventing build-up of dust and dirt and is highly resistant to water wash-off.
 Excellent lubricating properties which reduces wear on wires and strands, ultimately extending service life.

Typical Applications

 BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing is ideal for lubrication of ship cranes, shore cranes, container lashings, lifeboat falls, shackles and small winches.
 Marine Rope Dressing can be applied using a brush, swab or automatic lubricator.
 Compatible with the Masto High Pressure Wire Rope Lubricator, Viper and Corelube wire rope lubricant applicators.
 Approximate rope coverage, based on a 25mm diameter rope, is 50 meters per kg


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