Telemetry Load Links – Euroload

Ergonomically designed Telemetry Load Links

The Telemetry Load Links are ergonomically designed load cells and are constructed using aluminium.
It’s batteries can be simply removed, no tools are required for this job making it a faster and safer choice.
The unit runs on 3 AA batteries for 50 hours of continuous use or it can sleep up to 18 months.

Build-in antenna

The load links have a build-in antenna with a 300 meter range, no loss of range due to obstructions.
Available for this product are 433 MHz or 903 MHz radio modules.
An ELT-01 telemetry handset is included, with built in overload monitoring and a Link remote power down.
We can also supply you with a dongle to capture data directly to PC upon request.

Exclusive Distributor for Euroload

Euro Rope Netherlands is the Exclusive Distributor for Euroload in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Additional information

Working Load Limit

6,5 Ton up to 500 Ton

Safety Factor

Safety Factor 5:1


Wireless, Wired

IP rating

IP67 ingress protection

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