Rotating Lifting Point RLP Metric thread


The RLP has a dismountable D-ring to enable assembly of roundsling, master link or hook directly onto the lifting point.
The disassembly of the Rotating Lifting Point is an easy turn of the D-ring, no tools are needed.

RLP with Long Bolt supplied with nut and washer. Weight is calculated with standard bolt length.

Bolt, nut and washer according to: ISO 898-1 Class 10.9

Safety Factor 4:1


Part noCodeBCDLL2L1MXYZWeight kgs
Z101708RLP-M8 x 1.25423512166282764Ø400.308
Z101710RLP-M10 x 1.54235121662102764Ø400.312
Z101712RLP-M12 x 1.755746192588124291Ø540.974
Z101716RLP-M16 x 25746192588164291Ø540.997
Z101720RLP-M20 x 2.5835528361102055133Ø802.851
Z101724RLP-M24 x 3835528361102455133Ø802.898
Z101730RLP-M30 x 3.51147034581483078182Ø1117.064
Z101736RLP-M36 x 41147034581483678182Ø1117.234
Z101742RLP-M42 x 4.51499140.4811904299229Ø14214.256
Z101748RLP-M48 x 51499140.4811904899229Ø14214.55
Z1017080LRLP-M8 x 1.25 LB4235121016282764Ø400.348
Z1017100LRLP-M10 x 1.5 LB42351210162102764Ø400.442
Z1017120LRLP-M12 x 1.75 LB57461912088124291Ø541.082
Z1017160LRLP-M16 x 2 LB57461916088164291Ø541.262
Z1017200LRLP-M20 x 2.5 LB8355282001102055133Ø803.49
Z1017240LRLP-M24 x 3 LB8355282401102455133Ø803.786
Z1017300LRLP-M30 x 3.5 LB11470343001483078182Ø1118.739
Z1017360LRLP-M36 x 4 LB11470343001483678182Ø1119.702
Z1017420LRLP-M42 x 4.5 LB1499140.43011904299229Ø14217.517
Z1017480LRLP-M48 x 5 LB1499140.43011904899229Ø14218.937

Rotating Lifting Point

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