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Product details

The Rotating Eye Lifting Point, RELP for short, is a compact and robust lifting point,
ideal for top-mounting and when a quick and easy on-hooking is important.
The bolt has a hexagon socket which makes it easy to mount and dismount using
a standard allen key. The RELP automatically adjust to the loading direction which
decreases the risk to load it incorrectly and endangering the lifting operation.
For sensitive load surfaces the RELP is ideal, as the connecting sling hook will be
positioned mainly parallel to the load surface; completely avoiding the hook to
cause damage on the load.
This Rotating Eye Lifting Point is manufactured by Gunnebo.

Tight space

In many cases the RELP is attached where space is very limited, be it in a
corner, in between components or on an edge. The RELP is designed take up
very little space to avoid hanging over the edge or touching other parts than
the base of which it is attached.

Single part lift

The RELP is ideal for single part lift as the WLL is significantly higher when
lifting vertically. The RELP is perfectly balanced and stable which makes
handling the load easy and safe.

Limited height

In lifts where every centimetre of height counts the RELP lifting point excels.
Thanks to the compact desgin you can be sure that you will optimise the total
sling length.

Rotating Eye Lifting Point RELP



Part noCodeBCDEHLL1MYZWeight kgs
Z102408RELP-M8 x 1.2528281140141542850290.2
Z102410RELP-M10 x 1.5282811401415421050290.2
Z102412RELP-M12 x 1.75323313461320471258380.3
Z102416RELP-M16 x 2394115531624571670400.5
Z102420RELP-M20 x 2.5424316601830602078460.7
Z102424RELP-M24 x 3505119682036712488441
Z102430RELP-M30 x 3.56062268528459030112642.4
Z102436RELP-M36 x 472723297325410436136744.1
Z102442RELP-M42 x 4.5828238120376311942158916.7
Z102448RELP-M48 x 59496431423972135481801029.9

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