De-centered Lifting Point DLP – Metric thread


The De-centered Lifting Point DLP is ideal in narrow spaces, such as corners or edge position, as the housing has a compact design.
DLP with long bolt supplied with nut and washer. Weight is calculated with standard bolt length.

Bolt, nut and washer according to: ISO 898-1 Class 10.9

Safety Factor 4:1

DETAILED INFORMATION De-centered Lifting Point DLP

Part noCodeBCDEFGLL2L1MXYZWeight kgs
Z102208DLP-M8 x 1.25354810391410137883055260.3
Z102210DLP-M10 x 1.53548103914101378103055260.3
Z102212DLP-M12 x 1.753548125120142391124459320.5
Z102216DLP-M16 x 23548125120142391164459320.5
Z102220DLP-M20 x 2.554881871281834145205890481.6
Z102224DLP-M24 x 354881871281834145245890481.7
Z102230DLP-M30 x 3.58294261043927531823088122755
Z102236DLP-M36 x 48294261043927531823688122755.2
Z102242DLP-M42 x 4.5100103361365434732164211315611011.6
Z102248DLP-M48 x 5100103361365434732164811315611011.9
Z1022080LDLP-M8 x 1.25 LB35481039141097,57883055260.31
Z1022100LDLP-M10 x 1.5 LB35481039141097,578103055260.34
Z1022120LDLP-M12 x 1.75 LB35481251201411891124459320.62
Z1022160LDLP-M16 x 2 LB35481251201415891164459320.8
Z1022200LDLP-M20 x 2.5 LB548818712818198145205890482.15
Z1022240LDLP-M24 x 3 LB548818712818238145245890482.59
Z1022300LDLP-M30 x 3.5 LB82942610439272951823088122756.71
Z1022360LDLP-M36 x 4 LB82942610439272951823688122757.68
Z1022420LDLP-M42 x 4.5 LB1001033613654342932164211315611014.67
Z1022480LDLP-M48 x 5 LB1001033613654342932164811315611016.14

De-centered Lifting Point DLP

De-centered Lifting Point DLP

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