Ball bearing Lifting Point BLP – Metric thread


The BLP is a very versatile lifting point and can safely be used for most applications.

Safety Factor 4:1

Dimensions in mm

DETAILED INFORMATION Ball bearing Lifting Point BLP

Part noCodeBCDLL1MXYZWeight kgs
Z102008BLP-M8 x 1.253555131611285761Ø420.56
Z102010BLP-M10 x 1.635551320112105761Ø420.56
Z102012BLP-M12 x 1.7535551324112125761Ø420.57
Z102016BLP-M16 x 235551330112165761Ø420.6
Z102020BLP-M20 x 2.534571730132207567Ø591.28
Z102024BLP-M24 x 350701736145247584Ø591.48
Z102030BLP-M30 x 3.5549622452023010699Ø743.35
Z102036BLP-M36 x 4549622542023610699Ø743.51
Z102042BLP-M42 x 4.570120286324242122127Ø936.5
Z102048BLP-M48 x 570120287224248122127Ø936.82

WLL Table Ball Bearing Lifting Point BLP

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