TWH N Accessoires


Hi-Force SDC square drive conversion kits, suitable for Hi-Force TWH-N hexagon drive
hydraulic torque wrenches are available for all models, excluding TWH430N.
All models are supplied complete with an easily attachable reaction foot and a standard
hexagon AF size adaptor, suitable for fitment to a commonly used size of imperial or
metric ratchet head, per tool type (see table below for more details).

These SDC square drive conversion kits provide the most flexible and cost effective method
of converting a female hexagon drive hydraulic torque wrench into a square drive wrench.

Extended reaction arms suitable for use with Hi-Force TWH-N hexagon drive hydraulic torque wrenches are also listed below.

  • Supplied complete with reaction foot
  • Full range of heavy duty sockets available
  • Makes your hexagon drive torque wrench even more versatile

Extended Reaction Arms

Model No.Length ALength BHeight CWidth D

Square Drive Conversion Kits

Model No.Square DriveHexagon AF SizeMaximum Torque NmMaximum Torque lbf.ftSuitable forWeight kg
drive cylinderincl. ratchet head
SDC27-I1″1 13/16″30682263TWH27NTWH27NRH-1 13/161.1
SDC54-I1 1/2″2 9/16″60374453TWH54NTWH54NRH-2 9/163.0
SDC54-M1 1/2″65mm60374453TWH54NTWH54NRH-653.0
SDC120-I1 1/2″3 1/8″1434910583TWH120NTWH120NRH-3 1/84.4
SDC120-M1 1/2″80mm1434910583TWH120NTWH120NRH-804.4
SDC210-I2 1/2″3 7/8″2312417055TWH210NTWH210NRH-3 7/89.1
SDC210-M2 1/2″100mm2312417055TWH210NTWH210NRH-1009.1

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