TPA & TPE Range


The Hi-Force TPA & TPE range of Premium line torque wrench pumps offers the following features

  • High speed 3-stage, 8-piston pump unit
  • Multi-outlet 4-way split block for simultaneous operation of up to 4 hydraulic wrenches
  • Compact design, fitted within a rigid rollbar protection & carrying frame
  • Automatically activated oil cooling heat exchanger fitted as standard on all electric driven models
  • Exhaust air radiator cooling system on air driven models
  • Adjustable torque setting pressure relief valve with locking nut
  • Models with suffix ‘A’ fitted with analogue pressure gauge
  • Models with suffix ‘D’ fitted with pressure transducer and digital pressure gauge
  • Solenoid valve with pendant control including motor on/off and 5 metre cable
  • Pendant controlled choice of manual with auto retract or full automatic cycle operation
    (automatic cycle functions only available on electric driven models)
  • Optional extras include a full software controlled pump unit, enabling the user to select the hydraulic
    torque wrench in use via the digital display and have torque readings (in Nm or Lbf.ft) on the digital gauge.
    All Hi-Force TWS-N and TWH-N hydraulic torque wrenches are programmed and selectable as standard.

Specifications TPA & TPE Range

Model No.Max Pressure BarPower SupplyPressure GaugeGauge Reading(*)Displacements l/min
1st stage 0-65 bar2nd stage 65-325 bar3rd stage 325-700 bar
TPA07A7007.0 Bar airanalogueBar/PSI7.01.60.80
TPA07D7007.0 Bar airdigitalBar/PSI/Nm/Lbf.Ft7.01.60.80

(*) Torque value reading only available on software controlled, programmable pump unit

Dimensions in mm

Pump ModelOil CapacityMax Noise LevelMax Oil TempWeight incl. OilDimensions in mm
Length (A)Width (B)Height (C)
All TPA air driven models7 litres90 db (A)80 °C30 kg456286476
All TPE electric driven models7 litres88 db (A)80 °C39 kg456286476

Optional Coupler Sets

Model No.Description
TP-CS1Single set of male / female flat face couplers for simultaneous operation of two hydraulic wrenches
TP-CS2Double set of male / female flat face couplers for simultaneous operation of three hydraulic wrenches
TP-CS3Triple set of male / female flat face couplers for simultaneous operation of four hydraulic wrenchesTPA & TPE RangeTPA & TPE RangeTPA & TPE Range

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