HTN Metric Range

The Hi-Force HTN range of metric top collar hydraulic nuts is specifically designed and manufactured for applications where regular,
periodic opening of the joint for inspection and maintenance purposes is required. Unlike conventional hydraulic bolt tensioners,
Hi-Force HTN series hydraulic nuts are designed to permanently replace standard hexagon nuts on one side of the bolted joint.
Initially the bolt tension or elongation is applied hydraulically and once achieved, it is permanently retained via the integral mechanical
load retaining collar.

Whilst initial investment in Hi-Force HTN series hydraulic nuts is significantly higher than the cost of standard hexagon nuts,
this investment is quickly and easily recovered, when the user considers the huge time savings achieved, during joint opening and closing,
when compared to using conventional hydraulic bolt tensioners or hydraulic torque wrenches.
Standard range models are available for bolt sizes from M24 to M100, with other sizes available to special order.
All models are 1500 Bar maximum working pressure and supplied with quick connect hydraulic couplings, compatible for use with Hi-Force air
or manually operated hydraulic bolt tensioner pumps and hoses.


HTN1-M24M24 x 3198.2720.2113.22572551.9TTB06
HTN2-M27M27 x 3216.3022.0514.42575552.0TTB06
HTN3-M30M30 x 3.5252.9425.7816.86582572.4TTB06
HTN3-M33M33 x 3.5252.9425.7816.86582572.4TTB06
HTN4-M36M36 x 4305.8331.1820.39588572.7TTB06
HTN5-M39M39 x 4344.1235.0822.94693582.9TTB06
HTN6-M42M42 x 4.5397.6140.5326.516100623.5TTB06
HTN7-M45M45 x 4.5475.0148.4231.676106644.0TTB06
HTN8-M48M48 x 5501.4051.1133.436110644.2TTB06
HTN9-M52M52 x 5563.7257.4637.586117674.9TTB06
HTN10-M56M56 x 5.5746.4476.0949.768128746.4TTB06
HTN11-M60M60 x 5.5905.1392.2760.348141778.0TTB06
HTN11-M64M64 x 6905.1392.2760.348141778.0TTB06
HTN12-M68M68 x 6999.85101.9266.668150788.8TTB08
HTN13-M72M72 x 61203.43122.6780.2381628110.6TTB08
HTN13-M76M76 x 61203.43122.6780.2381628110.6TTB08
HTN14-M80M80 x 61413.72144.1194.25101748712.9TTB08
HTN15-M85M85 x 61605.04163.61107.00101879516.2TTB10
HTN15-M90M90 x 61605.04163.61107.00101879516.2TTB10
HTN16-M95M95 x 61704.59173.76113.641019410218.3TTB10
HTN17-M100M100 x 61911.46194.85127.431020511021.9TTB10

Note: Tommy bars are not included. Hi-Force recommends one tommy bar for every four tensioners.

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