Safety hook BKG GrabiQ


Safety hook with clevis connector and standard latch.

Fulfills requirements in:
EN 1677:2008 (WLL +25%), ASTM A952/A952M and AS 3776:2015

Safety factor 4:1

All dimensions in mm

Part noCodeWLL tLBGHWeight kgs
Z1011100BKG- 6-10 Standard trigger1.5912915210.456
Z101098BKG-7-10 Recessed trigger2.01203717250.843
Z1011000BKG- 8-10 Standard trigger2.61213717260.88
Z1010260BKG-10-10 Standard trigger4.01444521301.482
Z1010340BKG-13-10 Standard trigger6.81805530403.158
Z101042BKG-16-10 Recessed trigger10.32196237505.819
Z101091BKG-20-10 Recessed trigger16.02406844629.685

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