Master Link MFH GrabiQ

The Master Link Hybrid (MFH) is a master link developed to fit perfectly on crane hooks type DIN 15401 and DIN 15402.
Components can easily be attached to the master link, thanks to the flat section. The bottom part of the MFH is designed to provide a perfect balance when attaching components.
The space is generous, enabling attachment of several components without the loss of balance.
MFH combines the best functions of two worlds. The foundation is a traditional master link that provides the space and balance needed to attach sling legs, and the unique design of the upper part makes the MFH perfect for crane hooks.
By combining these two worlds in one hybrid master link Gunnebo Industries provides an exceptional option to the standard master links when crane hooks type DIN 15401 and DIN 15402 are being used.
A standard master link will cause unnecessary tear and wear on these types of crane hooks, but with the MFH you get a perfect fit and perfect balance, as well as generous space for attachments of sling legs.

Flat section

• For easy attachment of other
GrabiQ or wire components.

Clear markings

• Traceability code.
• Model, size and grade.
• Manufacturers mark.

Upper half

• Designed to fit perfectly on crane
hooks type DIN 15401 and DIN
• Reduces wear and tear on the
crane hook.
• Safer lifting operations

Lower half

• Full radius design.
• Perfect balance.
• Generous space.

Quality is top priority

• Fatigue tested.
• Forged alloy steel.
• Quenched and tempered.
• 100% proof load of each MFH.
• 100% visually inspected.
• Full traceability back to the raw material.
• Computer controlled welding process.

Fluorescent colour

• For high visibility in the field

Perfect fit

The upper part of the master link
has a unique design with a larger
radius, ensuring a perfect fit on
the crane hook. This means less
wear and tear, both on the crane
hook and the master link.

Generous space

Parallel legs and suitable width
provide generous space for
connecting multiple legs to the
master link making the assembly

Perfect balance

The shape of the lower half of the
master link automatically centers
the load, increasing the safety in
every lift.

Designed for crane hooks DIN 15401 and 15402. Designed for use with CL, CLD, CG and CGD. 3- and 4-leg chain slings require CLD / CGD.

Fulfills requirements in:
EN 1677:2008 (WLL +25%), ASTM A952/A952M, AS 3775:2014 and AS 3776:2015

All dimensions in mm.

Part noCodeWLL t (SF 5:1) EN 1677-4WLL t (SF 5:1) ASTM A-952For chain mm, 1-legFor chain mm, 2-legFor chain mm, 3-4-legLEDDIN 15401DIN 15402Weight kgs
Z101262MFH-1310-107.58.01310823012522≤ 12≤ 162.1
Z101263MFH-1613-1010.013.616131025013528≤ 12≤ 163.67
Z101264MFH-2016-1017.020.620161328013532≤ 16≤ 205.27
Z101265MFH-2220-1028.030.922201632017540≤ 25≤ 329.75
Z101266MFHW-2220-1025.025.022201635522540≤ 50≤ 6311.08

Master Link MFH GrabiQ

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