Coupling Link G GrabiQ


Quality is top priority

  • Fatigue tested
  • Forged alloy steel
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Steel from european suppliers
  • 100 % proof load of each G-link
  • 100 % Eddy current testing of pins
  • 100 % dimension control of pins with vision technology

Clear markings

  • Country of origin
  • Traceability code
  • Model, size and grade

Heavy duty locking bush

  • Thick walls and washer protecting the spring
  • Permanently pressed together in an automated process, reducing risk of breakage
  • Square shaped stainless steel spring
  • Elektrogalvanized or stainless steel depending on model

Fluorescent color

  • For high visibility in the field
  • Powder coated

The special pin

  • The pin has a recession in the center to give maximum locking effect
  • Safe retention of the locking bush
  • The pins are made in an automatic turning machine
  • Batch and grade marking in the center of all G-links

Safety is the highest priority

  • To keep the pin securely in place every loop of the square shaped wire locking spring actively creates maximum locking effect
  • Every part of the locking spring – even if the wire should break – is still active to hold the pin

For use with master link and Eye hook.
Fulfills requirements in:
EN 1677:2008 (WLL +25%), ASTM A952/A952M and AS 3776:2015

Safety factor 4:1

All dimensions in mm

Coupling Link G GrabiQ – Detailed information

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Coupling Link G GrabiQ tabel

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