Crosby identification Tags

There are multiple Crosby identification Tags available for the Grade 100 system,
please find them listed below.

Stamped ID Tags

  • Octagonal metal sling tag.
  • Prestamped – easy to add sling length, Working Load
    Limit, name, etc.
  • Front side is shown – reverse is blank.
  • Available with or without welded attached ring.
  • Attaching ring size is 5mm x 50mm.
  • Available completely blank for wire rope sling applications.
  • Gold painted.

ID Tags

  • Heavy Duty tags.
  • 1-5/16” diameter ring opening (will fit 1/4” – 5/8” A-1337).
  • Chain tags meet requirements of ASME B30.9 for Sling Identification.
  • Raised edge and recessed pads to protect lettering.
  • Raised lettering for quick reference.


Crosby identification Tags

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