Light Type Snatch Block


A Light Type Snatch block is intended as assistance during lifting or lashing jobs,
for instance when rerouting a wire both in horizontal and vertical directions.

A snatch block is constructed in such a way that reeving is easy, because one of the side plates can be opened. Any end connection of the wire will therefore not have to be taken off. The eye of the snatch block fits on the standard D-shackle or bow shackle.

The light models of our snatch blocks are available from 3 to 18 inches and in wire diameters of 8 to 25 mm.
Due to the light-weight construction, the snatch blocks can quickly and easily be used for various purposes.
Snatch blocks are also available with the accompanying shackle.

Our snatch blocks are also available with the accompanying shackle included.

For more information about this product, please contact us. We will be happy to inform you about the options.

Light Type Snatch Block – features

Material:Mild steel
Safety Factor:4 times
Finish:Painted RAL 5013
Temperature Range-20 up to +200 degree Celsius
Standard Certification:Certificate of Conformity
Proof Load Certificate

Sheaves with roller bearing on request.
Groove size can be modified on request for customized rope sizes.

TypeSWLRope SizeLine pullSuitable for ShackleAØBCØDØD1Weight
tonsmmtonsmmkg ±
H419033.258 – 101.6253.2518820.52556754
H419054.7511 – 142.3754.752502430861149
H419068.518 – 204.258.5356304011215219
H419088.518 – 204.258.5381304016320324
H419109.518 – 204.759.5406344421425430
H419129.518 – 204.759.5446344426530539
H419141218 – 20612516374830535550
H4191613.522 – 256.7513.5645425435640693
H419181722 – 258.5176904457408458112

Light Type Snatch Block

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