Fast Reeve Crane Block 1 Sheave

Art. nr.: 1.7.FRB-23.11 Category:

Fast Reeve Crane Block 1 sheave

Number of sheaves: 1 sheave
Working load Limit: 8T – 50T
For wire diameter: 11-12mm – 30-32mm
Standard fitted with cylindrical roller bearing and becket.
Standard painted in yellow with black stripes
High tensile side plates, compact and multipurpose design.
Swinging hook suspension for swivelling hook

Article number, Working Load Limit, Wire Diameter

FRB 250.1.8,    WLL:  8 Ton, 11-12mm
FRB 285.1.10,  WLL: 10 Ton, 13-14mm
FRB 320.1.12,  WLL: 12 Ton, 15-16mm
FRB 355.1.16,  WLL: 16 Ton, 17-18mm
FRB 400.1.20,  WLL: 20 Ton, 19-20mm
FRB 450.1.25,  WLL: 25 Ton, 21-22mm
FRB 520.1.32,  WLL: 32 Ton, 24-26mm
FRB 570.1.40,  WLL: 40 Ton, 28-29mm
FRB 630.1.50,  WLL: 50 Ton, 30-32mm
Fast Reeve  block 1 sheave

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