The new EuroRope website

eurorope website final

The new EuroRope website is online (finally)

It was a huge task to start from scratch, and we are not even finished yet!
However, the new website has more products listed now then the old one.
That is why we chose to switch to the new website, even though we are still adding products.
Please enjoy the new EuroRope website!


After many discussions, designs and listening to the customer feedback recieved in the past,
construction on the new website started.
After a period of testing and lots (and lots) of code, we started filling the website with content.
The website is now easier to navigate, has improved responsive design,
and uses the latest coding to ensure it works like it should.
The old website was out dated, and not responsive as we require it today.
Now you can visit our website from any device!

Whats left to do?

We still have a lot of products to feature on the new website in the near future.
Our people are working as fast as they can to get everything online.
Sadly, the whole re-design included adopting another system that runs our website.
So nothing could be transferred from the old website, and everything is new.

Customer feedback

Please do let us know what you think!
We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improving our services, including our website.