Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Konoha Shinden: Vapor Ninja Scrolls [ ]

Over the years, Tenten’s passion of meeting all sorts out-of ninja device regarding across the the country escalated to the point she started a store so you’re able to offer the various tools, regardless of if it’s nearly always blank because of the peaceful era. Between your products, the fresh new Enjoyed Systems was basically shown throughout the shop which have an indicator however “not for sale”.

Head content: Konoha Shinden (novel) and you can Konoha Shinden (anime) Mention : On the anime, new occurrences of this arc are present following the Jugo Arch. Whenever phrase attained Konoha you to definitely Mirai Sarutobi had not manufactured enough ninja devices on her behalf escort mission at Yugakure, Tenten was tasked that have taking secondary baggage towards the kunoichi. When she arrives 2 days later on, Tenten serves up the tools and you will made a decision to make time off to benefit from the local sizzling hot springs that have Mirai. Inside the sit, the fresh new had been talks about a great ghost haunting new inn. Hopeless on thought of spirits, she chose to help take a look at the. She actually decided to tease Man about their obvious concern with spirits. Ultimately, it revealed it was a young orphan entitled Tatsumi, which even with no cash, is computed to consult with most of the hot springs in the property inside memory of their own later mommy and you may try stealing small parts off food to exist. From the Mirai’s demand, it had been arranged that nothing girl is also join her or him on the their particular travels. Tenten however soon gone back to the brand new village.

Later, it actually was showed that Tenten try providing into the an investigation away from forgotten girls regarding Home of Heated water by enabling Kakashi and you will Guy collect intel.

Naruto Shinden: Mother or father and you will Child Time [ ]

Fundamental posts: Naruto Shinden: Parent and you will Child Day and you may Parent and you can Kids Day Arc Mention : On anime, this new situations on the arch exist after the Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc.

Naruto and you may Himawari Uzumaki visited Tenten’s shop hoping from trying to find a good Kurama doll. Tenten eagerly greets new duo however, she was unable to assist her or him regarding your model, but rather given alternative gift ideas such an effective makeshift kunai set and you will a good necklace getting Mother or father and you may Baby Day which Naruto concluded upwards to find to aid her company after the Tenten’s persuasive strategies once delivering emotional at the thought out-of you are able to having to intimate their particular store due to the lack of conversion.

Instead of Momoshiki Arc [ ]

Chief blogs: Boruto: Naruto the film and you will Rather than Momoshiki Arch On anime, the fresh new genin engaging in the fresh new Chunin Examinations had to started to an effective venue point in a certain amount of big date, so you’re able to respond to a facts otherwise incorrect matter. Tenten are tasked which have diminishing what amount of genin, playing with various traps and summoning puppets to take action. Later, Tenten and you can Shino Aburame, prs, watching regarding a checking place as the genin make an effort to retrieve for each and every other people’s flag. After watching Boruto Uzumaki’s results from the Three Senka Brothers, she praises him.

Day Slip Arch [ ]

Chief article: Day Slip Arch From the comic strip, whenever Urashiki Otsutsuki is saw in your community, Tenten entered other Konoha-nin in getting him. Although not, this ended up being good diversion because of the alien, just who put good genjutsu in it to allow your sneak with the the brand new village. At the same time, the grown-up Sasuke and you may Boruto was in fact sent back after a while in order to soon shortly after Sasuke’s defection. Around, the two pretended is travelling music artists and was in fact lay not as much as observe from the Naruto. Where, past-Tenten along with her relatives assisted Boruto and you may Naruto clean up a great bathhouse following disturbance Naruto and you can Jiraiya brought about.

On the comic strip, weeks later on, while Himawari Uzumaki read what he said was out observing more operate on her career, she sees Tenten resting when you are during the their particular gun store due to not enough sales.